[CQ-Contest] ARRL DX CW

Doug Renwick ve5ra at sasktel.net
Mon Feb 19 08:14:03 EST 2007

Sorry guys,

I apologize for not operating the full 48 hours.  I felt
tired so I slept Friday and Saturday night.  Then I had to
take time off to eat and use the bathroom and so on.  I
don't think anyone needs my weekend itinerary.  I am not as
young as I used to be when I did stay at the radio for 46 of
these 48 contest hours.  Obviously, I will have to change my
priorities and not let other parts of my life interfere with

I apologize to a few stations that I asked to QRS.  I sent
my call and report at a speed (32wpm) so you could clearly
copy them.  For some reason you felt it was not important
for me to copy your call correctly.  Obviously I must
improve my speed to 40-50wpm with QRM.

Some of my biggest pileups were USA stations...I bet they
still wonder why I didn't answer them or why I kept sending
'no USA'.  It was a challenge to copy the weak EU stations
with the strong USA stations calling.  Some people need to
read the contest rules.


Subject: [CQ-Contest] ARRL DX CW

Sorry guys,

Had to care for kids, transport to hockey, take to birthday
party and attend local community club meetings this weekend.
Had all of 10 minutes for ARRL DX.

Was moved by a couple Caribbean contest superstations from
15 to 20 to 40 (sorry again, went to 40, heard nothing) and
worked a couple other guys and then had to skedaddle again.

Called CQ for a bit and was called by an N4 in FL. Couldn't
seem to make him/her understand that in this contest, I'm
not DX!

73, hope to be on for SSB.


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