[CQ-Contest] Serial numbers vs. power

Yuri VE3DZ ve3dz at rigexpert.net
Mon Feb 19 17:21:36 EST 2007

>  About 50 VE/W had answered to my CQ's .
>  I think ARRL should communicate more on the basic rules of this
> contest.
>  Gilles/VE2TZT

it has nothing to do with ARRL communicating with its members... Some folks
just get on and have some fun.
They don't read rules. They don't care about rules.
It happens every year. Usually I end up with more than a hundred US guys in
a LOG. Imagine - together with dupes you lose a good hour (or even more) of
your operating time!
When I just came here from EU about 9 years ago I found it to be so annoying
that I was trying to explain each guy the rules, that he must work only DX
and stuff like that, but then I gave up and ended up just quickly sending
them 5NN ON... Appeared much quicker to get rid of them this way... You
should learn to live with it. After all, they might be pissed off and won't
call you in the next contest where you need them. :-))
But I agree with you, it is so weird sometimes when you are trying to dig
out a weak European on 80 or 160 and a loud W8 or N4 keeps and keeps coming
back to you, often with crappy CW...

73 Yuri  VE3DZ / UT4UZ

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