[CQ-Contest] Life in the World of Packet

Courtney Judd K4WI k4wi at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 19 17:46:43 EST 2007

Hey David and all, company policy here at this station is if I don't hear an
ID by their third contact, then ? is sent, then longer ur call, then what is
your call, etc for each next contact that no ID is provided. The rule is
waste my time and I'll waste yours... doesn't take long for them to get the
idea.. Everyone listening would do that it would cut short that problem in
no time. Biggest offenders seem to come from South America, I don't know why
but that's what I have observed from here! 73's Cort K4WI

I normally don't have anything against packet/cluster spots in a
contest.  If the rules allow it who am I to complain, but I discovered a
new reason to dislike it during this contest.  I operated this one
unassisted and several times came across stations who wouldn't identify
for very long stretches.  I have always thought that is rude behavior (I
lose opportunities for other contacts while I wait to avoid a dupe), but
in all honesty the DX didn't really need to ID.  In virtually each case,
a steady string of new callers would show up on frequency that hadn't
been there since the last time the DX identified.  It's pretty easy for
someone to see the spot, come up on frequency, and figure out which
signal is the DX without ever hearing him ID.  There's rarely a lull
that requires the DX to identify, and rude behavior gets reinforced.

Dave  AB7E

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