[CQ-Contest] Where are the tigers?

kr2q at optonline.net kr2q at optonline.net
Mon Feb 19 20:36:38 EST 2007

No, this has nothing to do with Jim.

I just went though the Dink USA listing, observing the "hours operated" column.  
Gee whiz.  So far, only four guys broke into the 40's in terms of hours of operation.

Is this because we are getting old?  Spending too much time at work (a common
theme among several posts, including mine)?  Something else?
Maybe the bands are just not that good now to keep us highly motiviated?

I seem to remember lots of guys breaking the 40 hour barrier, even hitting over 
45 hours (again, including me).

I miss the tigers.

de Doug KR2Q

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