[CQ-Contest] Real-time Scoreboards

Ken Alexander k.alexander at rogers.com
Tue Feb 20 19:11:38 EST 2007

David, K1TTT plugged W1VE's live amateur radio contest
scoreboard (http://www.w1ve.com/livescores/) shortly
before ARRL DX CW started.  I signed up  after I got
rolling in the contest and found it was effortless to

The website is highly configurable and I was able to
set it up to show my QRP competitors (only 2, but
that's because the word isn't out yet!).

The live scoreboard is very motivating and caused me
to shorten my Saturday post-breakfast nap, my Saturday
afternoon nap and my Sunday afternoon nap because I
was sure if I spent the extra time at the dials I
could catch up to my QRP rivals.

As a result, I spent more time in front of the radio
and had more fun.  In the end, I came in second out of
the QRP competitors but not because of an exceptional
score on my part.  There were only 3 QRP ops
registered, but hopefully those numbers will increase
with each passing contest.

It's much more interesting than contesting in


Ken Alexander, VE3HLS

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