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It's  just another of the many strategic decisions that a competitive 
must make during the course of a 48 hour contest. I'm sure some  competitors 
their best going 48 hours, while others actually do better  operating 45, 42, 
or even fewer hours. Thus, focusing on the number and  percentage of 
who report going the full 48 hours is not a useful  metric for arguing for a 
rules change.

Right on!  There are some who will sit in the chair the full 48 and  still 
not win.  I really like the open-ended nature of a 48 hour  contest.  Under this 
scenario an operator can factor in his stamina (or  lack thereof) along with 
overall contest strategy to achieve optimum  results.  Didn't Randy drop out 
of a CQWW for about six hours a few  years ago and later decided to continue 
the contest?  He still  won! 
Some will try to do the whole 48 and not make it, others who planned  rest 
periods may find themselves so exhilarated that they go through the whole  thing 
with minimal breaks.  All part of the game.  The 48 rule allows  for this.
What will happen with a 36 hour time limit is that some who plan for 36  will 
only operate 20 or 24 hours despite their best intentions, and the overall  
competition will be diminished as a result.
Paul, K5AF
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