[CQ-Contest] Tigers roar....and get sleepy, too.

Jukka Klemola jukka.klemola at elisanet.fi
Wed Feb 21 11:04:16 EST 2007

Hello all,

Jim had one excellent point many have missed!

Contest of the contests.
See you in ARRL DX SSB .. and Russian DX Contest.
CQ WPX contests are next. 

I may participate WPX despite the award service is the worst in class.
Or at least has been; I do not know the today's status.

Others I will participate if the Spring goes as planned.

It will be interesting to see which contest gets the most participants
over the world.

There was some discussion of the number of the participants.
The fastest growing contest is clear.
I think the main reason is the score service.
Second reason is contest duration of 24 hours.

No matter how well all details are handled and communicated, I guess
RDXC could say clearly on the rules if the other station logs your
exchange wrong, you will get the QSO points but not the multiplier in
case the other station happened to be a multiplier to you.

This is my interpretation of score reduction of 2006 RDXC.
I am not sure it really reflects the public rules.

Another point is awards .. RDXC 2006 awards are likely not out yet.
Scores have been there for a long time.

Awards, score service and clarity are the revenue to contester
This all is immaterial. It is not a matter hardware at anyone's station.

Contest of the contests is !

I sure hope the conditions are better in ARRL DX SSB than we witnessed
on CW.

Jukka OH6Li

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A lot more people would enter marathons if they were reduced to 10

K1AR makes the legitimate point that today's manual methods make it
to endlessly add categories and hand out a zillion more awards


Since there's no direct revenue associated with contests and no real 
competition between contest sponsors, 
Jim Idelson K1IR

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