[CQ-Contest] Life in the World of Packet

Stuart Santelmann KC1F kc1f at comcast.net
Wed Feb 21 19:17:00 EST 2007

Hi Mal:


>I am at a loss, but not for words. I was S&P and came across ES5E CQing. I
> had asked him to repeat his call because I wanted to be sure I had all the
> dits in the right places. I worked him at 0700Z on 7021. I, after this
> discussion started, queried the cluster and there were no spots for him or
> EE5E anywhere near that frequency and none within hours of that time.

Really ?  From DX Summit, pretty much the same frequency and within an hour 
later, if it's
Saturday you're referring to:

RW4PL      7020.5 EE5E        . . ..... . :-))              0737 17 Feb 2007
K7UA       7020.9 EE5E        strong                        0805 17 Feb 2007

There were over 100 EE5E spots on DX Summit, and exactly one ES5E spot,
hours away from the time of your QSO.

NE3H       7007.4 ES5E                                      0214 17 Feb 2007

Also, from ES5TV:


"p.s. the only ES5 active in ARRL DX was ES5RR from my station, no ES5E call
assigned yet:)))"

Then we go to the Estonian callbook online at



> The bottom line to all those words is I'm sticking to ES5E until otherwise
> proven wrong !

Stu        KC1F

> http://www.ctaz.com/~suzyq/N7mal.htm
>  Well, Mal - I guess you'll just have to wait until the LCR reports come
> out
>  or after you send a QSL to ES5E to find out for sure. As a courtesy to 
> the
>  station owner (EA5RS), I will be sending out QSLs to every station in the
>  EE5E log so perhaps you will eventually get a card via the bureau that
> will
>  indicate that you did in fact work EE5E and not ES5E. Maybe you worked
> both.
>  What is the current price for an ounce of doubt in Bullhead City these
> days?
>  There were numerous busted spots for our call, including E5E, EI5E, and
>  others, so you were certainly not alone if you busted the call. It was
>  always interesting to see who was watching packet and obediently jumping
> on
>  every spot without a sanity-check, since every bad spot led to a flood of
>  dupes. Nearly all sending (and ALL CQing) was done by computer, so most 
> of
>  the busted spots were due to receiving errors and not transmitting 
> errors.
>  When we were callign guys, we were usually careful to send a "DE" before
> the
>  call to avoid clipping the first dit. If you answered an EE5E CQ or "TU",
>  there is absolutely no way the call was sent incorrectly.

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