[CQ-Contest] J7zeroJ Spots

Bob, W3IDT w3idt at comcast.net
Wed Feb 21 20:36:46 EST 2007

I want to reinforce Dan's comments...
Many of the bad J7zeroJ (and the 4zero1A )spots were likely due to bad 

[BTW I was on a professional committee in the very early 1970's when 
attaching keyboards to computers was just getting started.  One of our 
recommendations was to reorder the numbers to 0 to 9, in part to move 
the 'zero' far from the 'oh' and in part as computer science was moving 
to 0-based counting.  Didn't have much impact!]

I still make the 'zero' vs 'oh' typing error fairly often.

Bob, w3idt

. Robert F. Teitel, W3IDT   .
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n8ie at woh.rr.com wrote:

> Hello George and thanks for the Q's in the contest.
> I run QRP and don't use spotting, but I think the close proximity of the
> "O" and "0" keys may be the problem. Fat fingers could can really screw
> up a log, I know this first hand. LOL
> 73 and thanks again!
> Dan, N8IE 
>>Not once did we sign J7zeroJ, so they are no doubt posted by ops 
>>who can't  
>>copy code all that well, or at all, for that matter.  How  much can 
>>sound like dah-dah-dah-dah-dah?  Heck, we were  even spotted by one 
>>of the 
>>"big boys" as J7zeroOJ...go figure.
>>I am posting this note to the CQ-Contest reflector to spread the 
>>word about  
>>the harm of carelessly posting erroneous spots.  
>>73, Geo...  
>>George  Wagner, K5KG
>>941-400-1960  cell
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