[CQ-Contest] Going all the way....

Shelby Summerville k4ww at arrl.net
Fri Feb 23 08:50:12 EST 2007

As I was told, during another discussion about advantages/disadvantages: 
"97% of the participants could care less about advantages/disadvantages"? 
The 3% has already figured out all the advantages, and could care less about 
others, disadvantages.
If/when I get concerned about any advantage, another station may have, I 
lose sight of any/all "personal" goals, I may have established. I have yet 
to lose any contest, that I have entered, in the "6506 Lantana Court, 
Louisville, KY", category!  :-)
Join me, and the others that make up that 97%, get on the air, operate as 
much as you care to, and have fun!

C'Ya, Shelby - K4WW 

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