[CQ-Contest] Russian DX contest

Art RX9TX rx9tx at qrz.ru
Thu Feb 22 09:06:58 EST 2007

 Hello Steve,

 Wednesday, February 21, 2007 Steve London wrote to cq-contest at contesting.com:

SL> I really like the rules for this contest, but for those of us in the western
SL> USA, it's a non-event. At this point in the sunspot cycle, we work only the big
SL> gun Europeans on any band, USA activity is poor - mostly eastern USA running
SL> Europe, and JA activity is even worse.

Steve,  unfortunately  you  are right, US and JA participation is very
low.  If  you  go to http://rdxc.org/asp/pages/stat_c.asp?ID=0 you can
see how many participants took part from particular country.

Here's the US and JA participation, 1998 - 2006:

United States of America 4 15 41 41 102 66 109 90 111
Japan 44 51 29 43 40 53 57 57 57

SL> It might be fun in a few years when the sunspots return.

No doubt it will be fun when the sunspots return.

 73...Art RX9TX    


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