[CQ-Contest] Quiet Monitor

Jukka Klemola jukka.klemola at elisanet.fi
Sat Feb 24 02:28:08 EST 2007

>I just purchased two ... LCD flat screen monitors ... Price after
rebate >was only $129.00.  
>This monitor  is very quiet from an RF perspective 
>(Radios are ...)... Resolution is outstanding!
>Paul, K5AF


In general, all flat screen monitors are quiet.

Cathode ray tubes have much different characteristics and are more
likely to emit RF energy that is high enough to really disturb nearby
short wave reception.

A similar change of technology case is VCR vs. DVD.
VCRs use very sensitive tape reading circuitry at 0-5MHz region and are
getting QRM very easily from a nearby transmitter. DVDs are nearly

Just about no matter how we look at these developments:
Technology develops into a better direction!

Jukka OH6Li

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