[CQ-Contest] ...are you changing your log

sawyered at earthlink.net sawyered at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 24 08:03:42 EST 2007

Quoting from the ARRL Source that N0AX stated:

"Furthermore, it is generally OK to make a quick pass through the log immediately after the contest looking for "obvious" typos such as entering CT as CTT or changing 'o' to '0' "

Personally, I disagree with the statement in this otherwise fine document that such "obvious typos" scan can only be done "immediately" after the contest.  When the contest is over, I am toast, and go to bed.  I do my "obvious typos" scan usually Tuesday or Wednesday night after work and with good recovery sleep back in my system.  Since the contest deadline is 30 days after the contest, I think that that qualifies as "immediately" in post-contest time.

In my opinion, the contest sponsors should drastically reduce the post-contest time (7 days max sounds good to me).

Getting back to J7OJ.  Obviously, if someone didn't even think about that possibility before reading here, then it isn't an "obvious typo" anymore.  Since the o vs. 0 example is even used in the ARRL Q & A, it would pretty hard to claim that scanning your log and seeing J70J and then J7oj wouldn't qualify for "obvious typo status".

So, if you hadn't even thought about J7OJ et al before reading CQ-Contest posts, then it wasn't an "obvious typo" possibility to you.  If you are already inclined to look for such things prior to reading these posts, change away, its an "obvious typo" as specifically referred to in the ARRL Q & A.

You just better do it "immediately".

Thanks for all the Qs.  I had fun.

N1UR  (log submitted.  no 0 vs. o typos to report.  back to net)

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