[CQ-Contest] Annual suggestion

Jim Monahan K1PX at msn.com
Sat Feb 24 15:50:12 EST 2007

I think Randy makes some interesting and valuable suggestions. And, I know
that Randy does a lot of work behind the scenes to support contesting activities.


Over the last few years, many have made thoughtful suggestions
on various topics and there are some that are just chronic complainers.

I suspect that contest organizers are almost overwhelmed with the ongoing
recommendations to change this and to change that about their contests.

We all know that no matter what they do, there will be those who will be
dissatisfied with them as it may not maximize the possibility for them to
win a category for all of the reasons that have been mentioned previously.

Yet, I am not implying that discussion should be suppressed.

I don't think that changing the hours or creating sub categories for lesser
hours of operation should be considered.

The results suggest the bell curve of operating times and results. Those
people who do the work and make the effort should receive the greatest rewards
and recognition.

As stated before, there are contests with shorter hours that allows some folks
to rise to the top of those scores.

Yes, it isn't fair that some people have resource, skill, talent and location advantages
that will overshadow whatever others do no matter how hard they try and how many
hours they put in.

Instead, one can work towards setting a local, regional best or improving on their
own previous scores.

Nothing worthwhile is easy and it shouldn't be IMHO.

That's life guys and gals....

And, I'm someone who is now in my early sixties trying to deal with contest fatigue
from my efforts over the last 15 years or so.

I've either operated for a limited time or omitted operating, the last few years, contests
that I used to go full bore in.

It really isn't "fun" anymore but more tedious then I would like to admit.

It has been my good fortune to win a few in my category, set a couple of records and have
had the privilege of operating from one of the best stations in the world thanks to Jeff,

I think, instead, we should think about passing the torch, in a manner of speaking, and
work towards enlisting new and younger combatants into the playing field.

My two cents..........

73, Jim, K1PX

K1PX  at msn.com

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