[CQ-Contest] How Many Hours are we Putting in Now?

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Sun Feb 25 08:38:49 EST 2007

Hi Ed - I submit that the purpose of these additional categories is not to affect what the top 40 in each category do, but to stimulate more hours in the contest by the others, the ops who might get competitive and put in more hours if they were competing in a class that had more realistic (for them) time limits.

73, Pete N4ZR

/25/2007, sawyered at earthlink.net wrote:
>Here is some interesting info on ARRL DX CW relative to how many hours we are putting in:
>Top 40 SOAB HP Unassisted Scores
>40 hours +    7
>35 - 39         11
>30 - 34          7
>25 - 29          3
>10 - 25         12
>Top 40 SOAB LP Unassisted Scores
>40 hours +    4  (Interestingly, this is 1,2,3 & 4 in the standings)
>35 - 39         4
>30 - 34         2
>25 - 29         4
>10 - 25        26
>Would 12 and 24 hour categories increase competitive contesters hours and therefore contest activity overall?  I don't think these number are conclusive to that, yet.  I would like to put the question out the reflector?  Lets hear the comments.
>If you are in these numbers, how many hours did you put in and why didn't you do more?  Would a 12 or 24 hour category change your mind?
>For me, I did 41.5 hours.  That is 4 hours less than what I have proven capable of doing so far.  I slept in those 4 because band conditions made the trade off for rest (I was fighting a cold) better than the few available Qs at that time.  The 12/24 categories would not have any effect on this decision.
>What about you?  If you are in these numbers, we like to hear from you.
>Ed  N1UR
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