[CQ-Contest] 48 Hours and The Future

Russell Hill rustyhill at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 25 10:42:20 EST 2007

IMHO, encouraging the current casual group of contesters to stay on for a 
full 12 or 24 hours in order to have a chance for a competitive prize rather 
than a personal mental goal will result in more activity, not less.

Personally, I wouldn't enter a 48 hour contest as a SOAB on a bet, nor would 
I have done so 20 years ago, either.  But a 12 or 24 hour effort sounds very 
intriguing, especially since I could, for example, enter from noon Saturday 
till noon Sunday, in the case of a 24 hour entry, or from 7PM  Saturday till 
7AM Sunday, in the case of a 12 hour entry.

There is all sorts of room here for strategic thinking, which would cause 
more activity, especially on the 2nd night.  Just when to start the 12 or 24 
hour period becomes crucial.

My .02 worth.

73, Rusty, na5tr

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> Things get very slow on the second night, they will get VERY SLOW, if 
> people
> are now going to stay off the bands because of this 12/24 hour nonsense.
> Do people really want a certificate that says they won the 12 hour QRP
> category? Especially when no one else from their region or country entered
> that category?
> Maybe in primary  school it is nice that everyone gets a prize and is a
> winner. I think we as "contesters" should be bound that concept.
> The mantra is, "keep the rate up." Encouraging people to stay off the air 
> is
> not in the right direction.
> 73, Albert
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>>I applaud Randy's suggestion, except...
>> The 12 and 24 hour categories need not be contiguous. Why not let the
>> competitors choose their on-time based on their ability to spend time
>> on the air? Yes, a few will cherry-pick times but, there are going to
>> be top-five mavens in every category, followed by everyone else.
>> As Randy said, we are attempting to encourage contest activity,
>> especially as we prepare for the next solar maximum. My schedule just
>> does not allow serious competition at this time, but I would bust my
>> butt for 12 hours in a major DX contest, if there were a separate
>> tabulation. For the log checkers, it may just be a tabulation
>> exercise. If they would all take a  hint from 7QP, we send out
>> certificates via email in .pdf format. It has been a big hit and it
>> takes little time and no postage (Don't forget, 7QP is the first
>> weekend in May).
>> Speaking of the solar maximum, stand by. If  you haven't heard, W5FU
>> (NA5R) and I have started building the superstation we attempted, but
>> never finished, in the 1980's. It is called the N5JJ/K5LZO Memorial
>> "Last Big Hurrah," or "Sunspots on the Comstock," take your pick.
>> At 09:00 AM 2/24/2007, cq-contest-request at contesting.com wrote:
>>>Create 12 hour and 24 hour races
>>>- The 12 or 24 hours consist of a continuous period beginning with your
>>>first QSO (i.e., the clock starts with your first QSO)
>>>- There are no off times
>>>- You can operate the contest as much as you want.  Your score is
>>>by the log checker based on the first 12 and 24 hour marks
>>>- No preregistration or special marking of your log.  ALL LOGS are
>>>in the scoring/results
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