[CQ-Contest] SSB below 1.843

Gilles RENUCCI ve2tzt at arrl.net
Sun Feb 25 12:58:22 EST 2007

After every major contest, this question is raised by some purists or some
non-contesrers upset by having been unable to use his/her usual frequency in
his/her usual mode. It is a wrong interpretation of band plans. The ARRL,
who makes a big job for band plans and can be considered as a reference on
this topic write on the its web site :


"5) Interacting with non-contesters
c) Band plans
Band plans are just that - plans. They are designed for normal circumstances
when band loading is much lighter than during a contest. During major
contests, the bands will be very crowded, resulting in conditions that the
band plan is not intended to address. Avoid willful interference and be as
courteous as possible to non-contest QSOs within the limits of the contest
rules and licensing regulations.

It cannot be more clear.

I am a CW addict and find normal that during big SSB or RTTY contests, the
CW sub-bands are used by contesters in those modes. In an other hand, during
CW contests, I expect the same behaviour from SSB or RTTY users versus SSB /
RTTY sub-bands.

Gilles / VE2TZT

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