[CQ-Contest] M/S rule in ARRL DX

Jim Idelson k1ir at designet.com
Sun Feb 25 13:23:49 EST 2007

ARRL M/S is definitely a lower-stress kind of operation. When we have 3 or 4 
ops available, we feel overstaffed in that category. If we had our interstation 
interference situation under control here, I think we'd be more likely to try 
M/2 in ARRL.



> On 2/24/07, Jim Idelson <k1ir at designet.com> wrote:
> Maximum of six band changes in a clock-hour. No two sigs on the air at the 
> time. Second radio and op useful for finding needed mults or Q's on another
> band in order to make efficient use of a band change when the time is right.
> So, in ARRL M/S the mult station is "Search, but No Pounce".

Which makes it great for a two man expedition like AC8W and I do.  You
don't really have to worry about the second station and/or antennas
for it.

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