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Ev Tupis w2ev at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 25 16:06:30 EST 2007

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From: Pete Smith <n4zr at contesting.com>

Is there any reason why this couldn't be done entirely separate from the administration of whatever contest is chosen?  People wishing to enter the 12 or 24-hour limited time categories could submit a cc of their logs to the limited time category organizers, who would then check the operating time and wait for the official log checking to be complete, before deciding the winners from among the limited time entrants.

That is the idea of a CWAC (Contest Within A Contest).  We've been doing it for the VHF Sprints for a couple of years now...and will be expanding on it in the future.

The advantage is that it doesn't materially change anything for the "main event", while encouraging participation by those that may not have, otherwise.

Go for it!

Ev, W2EV

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