[CQ-Contest] Annual Suggestion - opinions

Sergey VK2IMM sergeysh at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 26 02:23:22 EST 2007

Hi All,

This was a good topic to follow.

I must be in a minority here but I see a very little
good in introducing more divisions in contest
categories in CQWW. Everyone knows that is a long
contest and there are only a FEW of these large events
out there why not to take it as it is and keep it
simple as today.

With more contest categories in place it will result
in less stations competing in each category which is
not always a good thing.

If 48 hours is too much for all why not reduce it to
another time interval (I would not be advocating to do
it though).

One more concern is with a contest becoming generally
slow at the end, it may look rather discouraging for
those running full time only to find out that 90% of
participants already finished and are not interested
in making more contacts. 

I also find that it is nearly impossible to spend 48
hours in a chair so I generally do less by simply not
operating when the rate is really low, however I use
whole 48 hour timespan to plan my activity. Maybe I
endup with a few less QSOs than theoretically possible
but this is still fun. I guess many others use similar


Sergey W6/VK2IMM

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