[CQ-Contest] Jay Seven Oh Jay - so...are you changing your log?

Steve Murphy murphys at comcast.net
Mon Feb 26 13:21:38 EST 2007

> ----------------------------
> Yet, in apparent self-contradiction, that same ARRL document says, "There
are wide ranging opinions about the acceptability of editing your log after
the contest. The most conservative and always acceptable answer is that no
editing of any sort is permissible."
> I guess I'm one of those with a conservative opinion.

That's fine, and I don't necessarily disagree with that opinion.  Where we
disagree is calling someone "unethical" for doing something that is
considered acceptable to the contest sponsors.

Frankly, I'm far too lazy to do much post-contest "editing", but I do
routinely check to make sure that the Cabrillo conforms to the standard.
Since the ARRL robot once choked on my SS log, and the ARRL advised me to
correct the problem and resubmit, it's safe to say that they consider that
sort of post-contest editing to be proper.

> Rhetorically, is there a double standard?  Are electronic submitters
required to have greater accuracy than paper submitters?  What happens if
you were to >submit a paper log with J7circleJ?  Who determines if that is
an "oh" or a "zero" when it comes to adjudication?
> Ev, W2EV

Maybe, Maybe not.  Paper logs are subject to having QSOs busted due to
illegible handwriting, so I imagine it could go either way. I wouldn't want
to go back to paper logging and duping, even if it did give me a slight
advantage with the log checkers.

Here's a question: If you spill coffee on your paper log, is it unethical to
re-write it after the contest?


Steve, N8NM

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