[CQ-Contest] N6ZZ SK

Dennis McAlpine dbmcalpine at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 28 23:05:16 EST 2007

I met Phil, N6ZZ, many years ago while visiting at N6AA's QTH in CA.  We worked many times in contests after that and there was always a quick exchange of  "Hellos" before we rushed back to the effort at hand.  Whenever I would make the trip to Dayton, I always seemed to run into Phil in one of the hallways and there was a warm greeting from him and a longer QSO than was possible during those frantic contesting times.  I didn't know Phil all that well but always regarded him as a friend.  Our last QSO was in the NA Sprint a few weeks ago when he was operating from W6AQ.  I will miss our brief contacts and our even longer eyeball QSOs.  Thanks, Phil and rest well.

Dennis, K2SX

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