[CQ-Contest] Annoying trend

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Tue Jan 23 17:36:27 EST 2007

In a message dated 1/23/2007 3:25:15 P.M. Central Standard Time,  
johngeig at yahoo.com writes:

---  Kjboasi at aol.com wrote:

>From now on, the check 
> gets chosen  randomly before the contest.  

Then you are in violation of the  rules and should be
moved to the checklog or disqualified category.   The
rules specifically state:

4. Exchange: The required exchange  consists of: 

4.4. Check (the last two digits of the year you  were
first licensed)

Wow.  Way I see it is last two of year you were first licensed...Ham  license 
I assume, but, maybe any other license will do to fulfill that.
I was wondering, since some are really picking this last two you were  
licensed deal apart, if they will DQ themselves because some reports call for  
signal report, of which all are given 59, when, in reality, they are not all  
59...Pretty much the same in my book.
73-Chuck KI9A

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