[CQ-Contest] Inconsiderate CW Operators....

Bill Coleman aa4lr at arrl.net
Mon Jan 29 23:14:28 EST 2007

Yes, this weekend during the CQ 160m CW contest, there were lots of  
inconsiderate CW operators, operating way above 1843 kHz -- I heard  
some of them as high as 1880 kHz.

There's plenty of space for CW operation below 1843 kHz, there's no  
need to crowd into the SSB portion at all. No excuse. There's nothing  
worse than trying to DX or Ragchew on SSB but to be invaded by a  
bunch of inconsiderate CW operators straying way out of their portion  
of the band....

<grin> -- for the sarcasm-impaired.

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