[CQ-Contest] Zero Beating

Tom Frenaye frenaye at hughes.net
Fri Jun 1 09:23:21 EDT 2007

At 07:30 AM 6/1/2007, VE2FK wrote:
>Yes it's a problem, normally in  S&P  i use a 250Hz filter but it
>is almost impossible in RUN, had to use 800 in the last WPX.
>Same thing happen on RTTY and I have a macro telling:
>sri you are off off freq.
>Is it because some guys use RIT and forget to have it off or
>lot of guys use wide filter and dont know or to zero beat?

I think many of the problems with zero beating can be explained by packet/internet spots.

If you're on 7030.5 and someone spots you on 7030 or 7031, then 7030 or 7031 is where a lot of people will start looking for you.  If they use their RIT to find you (up/down 500 hz), their transmit frequency will be way off.   

Pretty sure that most contest software allows for spots to include at least one decimal position, but inexperienced users may not realize it.

              -- Tom

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