[CQ-Contest] Zero Beating (slovenly or not)

Fri Jun 1 17:26:05 EDT 2007

I haven't been following this thread very closely so maybe I missed the
point. I sorta like stations to call up and down a little.  I know that it
is real easy to work stations that are only inside your 500 or 400 HZ
filter, but I like for them to spread out a little. Maybe a little wider
filter on RX would help out. It certainly wasn't unusual to have JA pileups
+/- 3 KHZ at 6D2X. That's the only way you could work those 5 watt stations.

I'm not sure how the packet business got in this thread but stations have
been calling off frequency for years and years. Seems to me that the
Russians used to do this a lot back in the 70s and then many JAs did it in
the 80s and 90s. I always assumed that they were just good ops and knew that
if 100 JAs were calling zero beat, you couldn't copy anybody. 

Bill, W5VX

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>VO1HE said "I also noticed that most Europeans that called were higher in
>freq while most NA stations were lower. Not sure what that indicates."
>Perhaps the fashion trend this year in Paris calls for higher tuning, and
>hasn't caught on in North America yet?
>Equally sorry,
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