[CQ-Contest] RST as a sync

Jukka Klemola jukka.klemola at elisanet.fi
Sat Jun 2 00:51:05 EDT 2007

>Hi Steve
>Know you're saying that tounge in cheek, but don't think it would make
>difference what you sent.  I never type in the 'real' report in my log
>someone gives me a 579 or whatever.   I just hit the "TU" key and keep 
>going.  Doubt very much if the log checkers check every report to see
if it 
>is '599' or whatever.  "Darn I mis-copied his report."  Not that losing
a Q 
>would drop me out of first place or anything :-)  73
>Tom W7WHY

Scandinavian activity contest log checking SW checks also report.

See for example:

Long link.
As it maybe does not work, please go to
http://saclogs.oz5wq.dk/ and click SSB statistics. 
There is also CW statistics.

You can see some stations have not paid 100% attention to copying
It simply made them miss the QSO points for those seconds in the

Jukka OH6LI

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