[CQ-Contest] Cut numbers

Sean D. Fleming (K8KHZ / Dr. Wouff Hong) k8khz at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 3 22:42:58 EDT 2007

 As I am following the the thread I have figured out why someone was sending
me A for a 1 the other night. I thought or thought for a long time
That people were sending A's instead of 1's but I thought all this time that
they had crappy CW and they did not get a rhythm for sending a 1. 
 With that said. I think that at least in all ARRL contests we should all
stick to regular numbers. There are many new users of HF and some are
Trying CW even though they are not tested on it. If they get confused with
all this shorthand  CW it might set them in the wrong direction. 

Just some thought for what ever it is worth. Not a debate. Thanks. Speaking
of K3ZO. Too bad he was not at Dayton. He might had won the
Pileup contest again. There was some good competition this year too.

Sean K8KHZ

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