[CQ-Contest] send but don't log CUT NUMBERS

kr2q at optonline.net kr2q at optonline.net
Wed Jun 6 09:14:17 EDT 2007

Logging cut numbers as the letters sent seems rather silly to me.  
The argument that, "but that is what was sent" is refuted if you think 
about how the callsign is sent:

dah di dah      dit dah dit      dit dit dah dah dah     dah dah dit dah

Are you going to log that because "that's what was sent" or will you log KR2Q?

DUH!  You convert "the code" to what it means.

If TR is smart enough to convert NEAT to 9510, great (or should I say "neat?").  
I have to wonder why anyone would log NEAT though.
Each element is still one key stroke, so what did you save?

Also, if I am expecting NUMBERS in the exchange, my braind sez "log numbers," not letters.

Okay...enough silliness....

de Doug KR2Q

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