[CQ-Contest] remember this? Russian Woodpecker

Larry Schimelpfenig k7sv at comcast.net
Sun Jun 10 19:15:10 EDT 2007

>Not even close to largest antenna; both
>NAA Cutler ME and NLK Jim Creek WA had
>(have?) miles of antennas for 14.7KHz for
>submarine communications.

Both antenna systems are incredibly impressive.I visited the Jim Creek 
Station at Marysville WA in the mid 70s. The antenna is supported between 
large pylons betwen three mountain tops. Huge wires from each pylon met at 
the center of the three pylons where they intersected with a huge cable that 
dropped to the valley floor.

During our visit, they explained that they had been unsuccessful in 
developing an insulator to pass through the wall of the helix building to 
feed the antenna. They ended up knocking the end out of the building and 
running the antenna directly to the helix.

They also discussed replacing elements in the finals and pumping the vacuum. 
All components were just humongous!

73 De Lar K7SV

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