[CQ-Contest] remember this? Russian Woodpecker

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> Very unlikely, since the cw signal is not changing phase like a flying
> object it will be supressed in the radar receiver.
> 73
> Peter
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> On the other hand, over the horizon backscatter from an ICBM has got to be
> pretty weak even when the radar's transmitted power is so bloody large, so
> it
> is not unreasonable to think that big yagi's with KW's pointed back at the
> receiver would be as least as loud as the backscatter from a relatively
> Small object like an ICBM.

Yes, you're probably right, Peter. The absolute signal level hitting
the receiver might be on par with the backscatter from a real target,
but the large bandwidth difference would allow for filtering out the
CW counter-jamming (my memory is fuzzy, but I seem to recall the
bandwidth of the UA Woodpecker being on order of 100 to 200 KHz

73, Mike W4EF.......................................... 

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