[CQ-Contest] IARU HF Champinship 2006 Results - comedy

Dallas and Lucy ludal at dmv.com
Tue Jun 12 06:46:48 EDT 2007

DL8MBS wrote:

> And why not publish the complete logs at
> least at the time of result´s publication? One can work DX even on
> 80/160m with 5W. But that will happen only during those reasonable
> openings noticed by other participants, too. And QRP won´t allow real
> runs possibly  clearly seen in a public log. The  same for claimed qsos
> on the highbands with DX difficult even for HP-stations. With all
> claimed QSOs being public and comparable to all participants the value
> of such a  score  can be estimated much better - which is also in the
> interest of honest qrp-operators. Discussing distinct QSOs in the "peer
> group" would be an improvement over the gut feeling with its doubts.
> Maybe I´m too small a contester to understand the problems some have
> with publishing logs - the ohhh so secret opening 2006 for sure won´t be
> there 2007 and any opening good enough to produce  a relevant amount of
> qsos isn´t secret by nature. But maybe the "real  contesters" know  the
> secrets.

I think there are a number of reasons not to do this.  For one, the contest 
committee is in a much better position to question and adjudicate 
irregularities.  That's why they get the big bucks (sic).  Opening the logs 
to public scrutiny results in mayhem on this and other boards and in the 
long run is not healthy for our sport.  Publishing logs is also a mammoth 
task requiring a lot of server space with no real return except to provide 
fodder for malcontents and nit pickers.  Many participants, and in 
particular new or small to moderate entrants, are often sensitive when it 
comes to the publishing of logs that reveal their competency level.  They 
are generally trying to improve their skills, and accept adjudication of 
errors, but don't really want the entire contest community bashing them in a 
public forum.  To them it is sort of like being tied to a post and beaten in 
the public square.  If you want to reduce the participation in contests, 
this is a sure fire way to do it.

For those reluctant to express the real why.
73, Dallas W3PP 

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