[CQ-Contest] QST contesting issue idea

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Sat Jun 16 12:07:12 EDT 2007

Dave, K4JRB, wrote:

> W2RU and I ask ARRL to reconsider printing line scores
> in QST each year with no success.  Only Field Day currently has all the
> scores printed.

Don't forget to ask for photos next time too.

Coincidentally, I just saw your pix on Page 80 of the May, 1964 issue of QST (from your K5MDX days).  You were also at the TOP of the infamous "Top Ten" box for Single Op Phone SS and in the "Clean Sweep" box.  From what I could tell, you won the Phone SS that year :-)

At Visalia this April, Kurt, W6PH (ex-K6LSG), casually mentioned he had seen both of our pix in an old issue of QST but no other details.  Several weeks later, the issue showed up from Kurt in the mail, with a post-it directing me to the applicable pages...which turned out to be the "30th Annual Sweepstakes" results compiled by non other than Ellen White (then W1YYM).  Talk about Nostalgia !!!

Kurt was the Rocky Mountain Division & Colorado (Phone) high scorer from K0MIC at the Air Force Academy.

I had completely forgotten that I was once the Pacific Division & Santa Clara Valley (CW) leader and made in the "Clean Sweep" back then. But what really made my day, was seeing K6VVA in the "Top Ten" box (CW) with two of my SS Heros - W9IOP & W4KFC.  It's amazing what can be forgetten when one drops out of HF for about 30 years.

Tnx to Kurt, I now have new, ramped-up goals for SS (although it will now take a different QTH or finalizing a Remote Site to reach them :-)

Yeah, bring back the printed line scores *and* photos. Those were truly the "Good Old Days".


Rick, K6VVA 


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