[CQ-Contest] IARU (more)

Frank Hunt zl2br at ihug.co.nz
Sun Jun 17 00:07:39 EDT 2007

I would go even father and and remove the multiplier status from HQ 
stations completely. IMHO giving them multiplier status infers that 
they are the real big stars of the contest and the rest of us have 
merely supporting player roles. It's made worse by the fact that each
of them in their own right are unique multipliers.

I entered the very first IARU contest and HQ stations were not 
multipliers and I don't like how the emphasis has shifted.

73, Frank ZL2BR (ZM2B)

On 16 Jun 2007 at 10:15, Jim George wrote:
> One suggestion; the IARU organizers might consider some way to
> increase the 
> importance of the original ITU Zones as multipliers compared with
> the large 
> number of member society HQ multipliers. One way to re-emphasize
> original concept would be to make an ITU Zone Mult equal to two or
> even 
> three HQ Mults. That would be an adjustment which could be made
> without 
> major surgery to the overall concept.
> I'll be in there competing in the IARU for sure.

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