[CQ-Contest] Contest CQ format?

Alan Leith aleith at syd.eastlink.ca
Sun Jun 17 20:19:31 EDT 2007

Well, Dale, I prefer something a little more familiar to me -- especially if
I am in a hurry also.

I learned my CQ style for contests many years ago.  It is always a variation
of CQ Contest, this is VE1AL, CONTEST!  On CW, I send CQ TEST de VE1AL TEST.
I don't vary that much, except to extend it depending on the band

My observation was that this "new style" (God knows where it came from --
maybe Citizen's Band) is not at all traditional and it is not a variation on
the traditional style we OTs know.  

Basically, it leaves me wondering what's coming next -- I like to hear the
guy's call at the end of the transmission, before he says TEST or K.

It is bad enough that I have to decipher cut numbers (I ask for a repeat
now, just for the bedevilment) to slow down the idiot who uses cut numbers
other than 9 and 0.

And although I can copy well-sent CW at speeds up to 45 wpm (or faster if
he's really good), these guys who rattle off 40+ wpm badly get a query from
me too.

Just my little rant after a frustrating weekend playing around in AA.



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> Somewhat distressing and frustrating, I have found in recent contests 
> that many Europeans call their CQs in this format on
> CW:  DD9DD DD9DD TEST AA (using this station as an example and All 
> Asia at the test).  As I tune by the frequency, I am waiting for more, 
> like the call at the end of the CQ.
> Unless I have it backward :>).

Many NA stations do it, too, Al. 

While I still "CQ" in contests, I do mix it up with "kg5u kg5u test" 'CQs'.
I can't yet say one is more effective in netting QSO's than the other--being
QRP makes it tough to make any sort of assessments like that.  But, I do
like the simplicity of 'kg5u kg5u test'.  

99% of the people on the air in that part of the band (I'm thinking CW and a
major contest) are in the contest.  A good percentage of them are S&P'ing.  

Including CQ once or twice in the transmission only eats up more time, time
better spent giving more pertinent and important information; like my call.

Sending "test" at the end of my transmission tells listeners that I'm
soliciting contest QSO's and not calling a station which had been CQ'ing.
To me, 'test' IS the 'cq'. 

On the flip side, as a frequent S&P'er, I find 'call call test' (or even
'call test') to be just the QSO solicitation format I need:  I don't want to
have to sit through 1,2,3, ad nauseum, CQ's before hearing the callsign and
determining whether or not he is a dupe.  I know right away.  If he's
calling a station, then the absence of 'test' tells me to ESC (clear the
callsign field) and move on.

I like it. :-)

Dale, kg5u

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