[CQ-Contest] Contest CQ format?

Paul J. Piercey p.piercey at nl.rogers.com
Mon Jun 18 07:53:22 EDT 2007

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> Hi Dale
> I think that is a good way to do it.  I acutally put "W7WHY 
> <<<<<nst>>>>>" 
> at the end.  At least if someone tunes me in at the end of 
> the CQ, they know I am CQ'ing.
> If I just send W7WHY, it's hard to tell if I am calling 
> someone else, finishing an exchange, or calling CQ.  It has 
> become the norm on RTTY to put "CQ" on the end of a CQ.  73 Tom W7WHY
> >
> > While I still "CQ" in contests, I do mix it up with "kg5u 
> kg5u test" 

It basically comes down to how badly you want someone to reply. When I first
start on a frequency, or when the band is just coming up or going out, I
want a long CQ string, either CW or vocal, to attract attention. For
example, "CQ contest CQ contest VO1HE VO1HE contest" (one or multiple times)

Once I attract attention, if it is mini-pileup or better, I give my call
after EVERY QSO. Takes a little more time than QRZ but I don't get many "ur
call" responses (although, I do get a few after just giving my call. I guess
these guys are just not paying attention)

When (if) the swarm peters out, then I sometimes just give a "VO1HE contest"
for a while until I get some business or a longer call is required. If
that's the case, I revert to Option 1 and start over.

A little common sense would go a long way in contesting. For all you guys
out there who think you're gaining QSO time by relying on the cluster and
only giving your call once per hour, you're not. All you're doing is forcing
ops to dupe you, query you or pass you by. Give your call after every 1 or 2
Qs. It won't kill ya.

On the subject of cut numbers, they're fine in contests if they are used
properly; as long as the ground rules are the same for everyone and no one
tries making them up on the fly. It's all a part of the code of
communication where .- is A, -... is B, etc. Use them for the unimportant or
repetitive portions of the exchange but not the part that is checked for
accuracy. "5nn" or "enn" is OK. Leading zeroes in a serial is fine in order
to set the tone for the number but "A2N6" is not. Nor is it OK for your zone
in CQ contests. I won't be giving out "enn e" in CQWW.

Those who wish to play the game should endeavour to learn the rules but the
rules need to be consistent and easily learned.

73 -- Paul VOAHE


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