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hank k8dd k8dd at arrl.net
Mon Jun 18 16:31:00 EDT 2007

And ..... RTTY ops generally (notice I said generally, not always or
usually) don't listen aurally to a frequency - it's kinda like they
don't see much on their little display and they just plop their little
alternating frequencies that are 170 Hz apart and start calling.

Kinda frustrating when they get down below 7030, but then that's when
it's time to go to 30, 18, or 12 meters!

73    Hank    K8DD

On 6/18/07, Bill Turner <dezrat at copper.net> wrote:
> On Sun, 17 Jun 2007 22:05:16 -0500, Jim George <n3bb at mindspring.com>
> wrote:
> >Bill, I think that this is erroneous from a technical standpoint. RTTY
> >signals are wide, and can not be removed with a 400HZ or 250HZ filter. They
> >have inherent frequency shifting, unlike CW.
> ------------ REPLY FOLLOWS ------------
> With its 170 Hz shift, including sidebands, RTY occupies about 250-300
> Hz of spectrum, depending on the sharpness of the keying waveform. CW,
> depending on the speed and sharpness of the keying waveform, occupies
> about 50-100Hz. CW is not a single frequency signal when the sidebands
> generated by on-off keying are considered. Granted, RTTY is slightly
> wider, but not much. Not nearly as much difference as CW/RTTY and SSB.
> There is no reason to say they are incompatible other than operator
> likes or dislikes.
> Bill W6WRT
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