[CQ-Contest] IARU HF Championship - A Travesty

BruceAA5B at aol.com BruceAA5B at aol.com
Mon Jun 18 23:41:09 EDT 2007

Except for being part of the W1AW/0 team a couple years ago, I haven't done 
this contest seriously for quite a while, but was planning a good mixed-mode 
effort this year. If things are really as bad as you guys say, I'll join you in 
sitting this one out. Letters to directors and CAC will be on the way soon. 

     -Bruce AA5B


N2IC says:

It's good to see some others speaking out about cheating in the IARU HF

Now the HQ stations have taken on a life of their own, with fierce and 
competition between countries for bragging rights. This has led to rampant

member societies have convinced their national, government funded, sporting
organizations that this is an international event worthy of financial awards 
their countrymen, should their countrymen be the world "gold medal" winner.

2) Enjoy a beautiful July weekend with your spouse, kids or signficant other, 

rather than operating the radio.


K5TR says:

Yes, it is good to see some sunlight being shined on the cheating but
it is sad for me to see that the cheating only seems to be 
getting worse in the IARU contest.

I have found the HQ station unethical operating and manufactured contacts 
to be really distasteful over the years - and it only seems to be 
getting worse.  

we either need
to kill this contest off or start checking the logs and 
maybe even making station visits during the event to 
ensure that the winners are really worthy 

Though it saddens me to miss a contest I really enjoy and have 
won (SSB HP USA) many times - I will sit out the IARU contest.

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