[CQ-Contest] The Fat Lady Sings at 2359Z

Zack Widup w9sz at prairienet.org
Thu Jun 21 09:31:54 EDT 2007

Hi Ev,

I always use a little judgment depending on the situation.  I wouldn't 
deliberately change a log entry to something I knew was different after 
the contest, but what about phat phingers?  Say I worked W2EV, knew I 
worked W2EV, but logged it on a keyboard as WE2V? Does it make sense to 
correct that?

Also, in the VHF contests where I work portable and log on paper, I always 
enter my logs into a computer program and generate a Cabrillo log to send 
in.  Sometimes I find stupid mistakes in the paper log like working a 
station on 9 bands and writing the grid square correct on all QSO's but 
one. Amazing what 4 hours of sleep does to you! It's obvious the guy 
hasn't changed gris squares in one minute.

BTW thanks for the 6m Es QSO in the contest last summer.  I wish we 
could've done it again in the June contest.  We still can wish for another 
big opening in CQWW VHF.

73, Zack W9SZ

On Thu, 21 Jun 2007, Ev Tupis wrote:

> Or...whatever time the ARRL HF event is over; which is what is purely stated on the ARRL website at: http://www.arrl.org/contests/hf-faq.html#post  (thanks to the off-list note that pointed me to the existence of post-event guidelines for ARRL HF contests).
> There, we find a paragraph that begins by saying, "There are wide ranging opinions about the acceptability of editing your log after the contest. The most conservative and always acceptable answer is that no editing of any sort is permissible."
> The paragraph SEEMS to go on to soften this position, however it should be noted that these additional statements are prefaced by phrases that simply acknowlede unregulated (and unregulate-able by todays contesting structure) practices of participants by saying, "Some feel..." and "Most contesters..." and "Furthermore, it is generally OK..." (where "Some", "Most" and "generally" are the focus).  The paragraph ends by restating the initial premise saying, "Once you step over the line into making
> changes to what you think you "should" have logged, that's going too
> far."
> The casual contester (my definition) will find "yeah, but..." loopholes.  The contesting purist (my definition) will "put the pencil down" because "the test is over."  It is up to the individual participant to decide which definition applies to them, since there is no distinction in the results.  This is simply a matter of honor (like keeping the score in a casual round of golf).
> Ev, W2EV

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