[CQ-Contest] The Fat Lady Sings at 2359Z

sawyered at earthlink.net sawyered at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 21 12:25:10 EDT 2007


Not many share your definition of:

"The casual contester (my definition) will find "yeah, but..." loopholes.
The contesting purist (my definition) will "put the pencil down" because
"the test is over."  It is up to the individual participant to decide 
which definition applies to them, since there is no distinction in the results. 
This is simply a matter of honor (like keeping the score in a casual round of golf)."

Including WRTC which gives the "casual" contester there, 15 mins to make any log changes and turn in their log.

Personally, I only make changes from side notes that I make during the contest but I make those changes a day or two later when I have had some rest.  

I would be interested to hear what other 40+ hour contesters do.


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