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Good Luck, Pete

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>A number of people asked me to post a brief summary of comments received in
>response to my query on hearing aids and contesting(now a week or so
>ago).  Thanks to everyone who took the time to write.
>All of the responses (about 10) were positive - several commented on how
>much their general quality of life had been improved by hearing aids, and
>nobody reported any particular difficulties of the sort I envisioned.  One
>did comment that behind-the-ear hearing aids defeated the noise cancelling
>of his Heil noise-cancelling headphones - I have never used the Heil units,
>but suspect from the pictures that they probably sit on top of the hearing
>aids in such a way that the hearing aid microphones are exposed to external
>Most people seem to be using in-the-ear hearing aids and reported no
>problems with headphones.  However, in my case the audiologist is
>recommending behind-the-ear aids with open transducers in the ear canal -
>these are very small speakers that do not obstruct the canal.  From what
>she tells me, these are recommended in cases with moderate hearing loss to
>counter the "boominess" of one's own speech that is otherwise caused by
>blocking of the ear canal.  I'll have to experiment.
>By the way, one advantage that the audiologist claims for hearing aids is
>that about 85 percent people with tinnitus - high-pitched ringing in the
>ears - report that it disappears when hearing aids are used to counter
>high-frequency roll-off.  Appears to be something about the ear/nerve
>system reverting to more normal operation.  I know that in my case the
>tinnitus has come on over the last few years, presumably as my
>high-frequency roll-off became more pronounced, so I'm hopeful I'll get
>this benefit.
>My appointment for fitting of the hearing aids had to slip until July 17
>due to summer vacations (mine and theirs) so I'll know more after that.  In
>the meantime, if anyone wants more detail on my conversations with
>hearing-aid-equipped hams, or the messages I received, feel free to contact
>me directly.  For those who wrote or spoke to me privately, be assured that
>I will *not* attribute anything you told me to you by name or call.
>73, Pete N4ZR
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