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I agree with Bill....I don't particularly like it but I agree. I think the
most important point he made was the last one. "The key behavior we're
looking to prevent is the use of multiple receiving and transmitting sites."
This seems so obvious that we assume that this isn't or won't be a problem.
As the time passes, more and more will have the capability and ingenuity to
have multiple receiving sites. Just saying that it isn't allowed is really
not enough. How would we know if someone was doing this? The receiving
antenna is a passive device. It will certainly modify the propagation
advantage that the east coast has in the DX contest and others have in the

Bill, W5VX

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>On Mar 26, 2007, at 11:37 PM, Joe Subich, W4TV wrote:
>> Remoting the control head is probably not the issue.  However,
>> there is a greater point as to what constitutes the transmitter
>> or receiver.  A line will have to be drawn and it is better to
>> draw it now that quibble over the number of stages, what stages
>> or what part of the DSP process are required for a transmitter
>> at some future date.
>Seems to me that as long as all the signal origination (transmitter)
>and signal capture (receiver) points reside in a single 500m circle,
>there's really no issue here. The results would be no different than
>if someone had a physical transmitter and receiver(s) at the location.
>The key behavior we're looking to prevent is the use of multiple
>receiving and transmitting sites. That seems to be adequately
>addressed by the current rules.
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