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>Kelly. I am more envious of the op who actually hauls his ass
>and his gear to KP4 than I would ever be towards a guy who simply
>to have done that.

I think going to KP4 is Fun. Also dragging all gear there for one
contest trip is Fun.
However, the REAL FUN is to use gear that is in KP4 and you are at your
own home, close to family and work.

Also I would like to have real FUN by being able to remotely operate
from such places.

There are many temptations on the isle to quit contesting and
concentrate on something more normal. Also, there are temptations when
operating at home.

Remember, even listening to your own signal at a receiver being
physically next to you is considered a remote receiver when you operate
The radio station must be located in a defined place.

>Anyway, as it is with all this stuff, if it CAN be done, it WILL be
done >and there's not much that can be done about it. As long as the
right people >feel they benefit from using any of these new
technologies, they will be
>incorporated into radiosport.

Umm - A trip from Finland to KP4 costs a lot of money.
Making a remote site and operating some 15 contests in remote is getting
to be less expensive than flying over each time.

Business case is !

>73 -- Paul VO1HE

The challenge of tomorrow is a multiop station where a part of the team
is physically in Japan when the actual radios and antennas are
physically for example in PZ.

That is going to be our future.

Jukka OH6LI

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