[CQ-Contest] Mini-Spiral Flourescent Lights and Amateur Radio

Paul J. Piercey p.piercey at nl.rogers.com
Wed Jun 27 10:11:02 EDT 2007

Yeah, like I said, I have no problem with them. I have 4 here in my shack
and they are dotted throughout the house. I am, however, noticing a lot of
static on the bands these days, mostly at night. It could be the HV lines in
the backyard that run under my tower. They get the crap beat out of them by
the wind on a regular basis. I've been in this house over 5 years and the
noise seems to be increasing steadily.

Or maybe my antennae have been getting better HI.

73 -- Paul VO1HE  

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> Hi Paul - there has been a lengthy thread on these on the RFI 
> reflector
> (rfi at contesting.com) and the news appears to be pretty good.  
> My personal suspicion is that any addition to the general 
> noise floor will probably be small by comparison with all the 
> other devices putting increasing amounts of RF into the ether 
> these days.  If I bring a small portable radio within about 3 
> feet of my stack of audio/video stuff - nothing exotic - it 
> is completely drowned in hash from switching power supplies, etc.
> 73, Pete N4ZR
> At 07:27 AM 6/27/2007, VO1HE wrote:
> >I have been using these bulbs for a few years now without 
> much problem. 
> >Now that the trend is to ban the incandescent bulb in favour 
> of these 
> >low-energy types, will there be an impact on radio in the future? I 
> >read the warning label on a box of bulb one day and it never 
> gave me a 
> >warm fuzzy feeling inside.
> >
> >Has anyone had any issues with them RE: RFI to their 
> receivers? I know 
> >that the older type did cause interference to one of our 
> club stations. 
> >Made the receiver virtually unuseable. Are there any brands 
> that are a 
> >problem moreso than others?
> >
> >Just thought I'd change the subject :)
> >
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