Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Thu Jun 28 22:22:14 EDT 2007

Tree, N6TR, wrote:

> Having done some playing with remote operation - I think it would be hard to
> be as effective as an operator when using a remote station - compared to
> being there in person.  The biggest issue is latency on the internet.
> Typically, there is a 300 to 500 millisecond delay from when you hear
> something coming over the audio channel until you can respond to it with
> the radio.  This will make you sound more like someone who only operates
> Field Day every year - as opposed to an efficient contest machine.

As the initiator of this thread 3 months ago, I reiterate that (QRQ CW) SO2R REMOTE CONTESTING necessitates Non-traditional Internet type connectivity to pull it off as close as possible to what Tree describes as "being there in person" (i.e., point-to-point wireless bridge stuff like many ISPs use).

For those who requested to be notified of new developments here, things have been on the back burner since my last email.  Coupled with the SO2R connectivity here is a new twist:  SO2R REMOTE SOLAR POWERED CONTESTING :-)

Initial tests of my new portable (eventually for fixed installation) solar system with a unique charge contoller/load distribution widget in an all "plug & play" format with No Inverter indicates a Green Light (at least for 100w class entries).  Adding a 220v SO2R amp may necessitate it's own standalone solar system with a 220V Inverter.

With other projects going on, it may be the end of the Summer before I have any new info to share.  Drop an email ONLY to: remoteso2r at k6vva.com if you want to be added to the list of those who are QRX.

Remote & SO2R Remote stations will be the future Salvation of the CC&R challenged.

FYI & 73...

Rick, K6VVA

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