[CQ-Contest] Great Media Coverage of Two Contesters

Gregg Martell gmartell at pobox.com
Thu Jun 28 22:03:41 EDT 2007

Yes, these are both great pieces.  The first one puts ham radio into 
a main stream magazine - rarely do you see more than a sentence or 
two in national media outside the hobby mags.  The ICOM was produced 
really nicely and now I know why I get so much QRM from K3LR!!  Nice 
antenna farm.  This is one I can even show at work and people will be 
interested.  The hook won't necessarily be the contesting or radios, 
but Tim's coffee choice is made by my company.  Also shows a bit of 
our candy products too.  I will have to show this one around work and 
send it on to the brands manager.  I always look for ways to 
promote/explain amateur radio to others and this will be another good 
way to start the conversation.

Thanks for the links.

73 Gregg

At 12:40 PM 6/28/2007, you wrote:
>Providing yet another chapter in the "things about Contesting we'd 
>like to see more of in QST, but don't"...
>There are two great pieces in recent news about well-known 
>contesters I'd like to alert folks to.
>One is about Joe Rudi, NK7U, in Sports Illustrated. You can see it at
>as well as at your local news stand.
>Icom also has a great multmedia segment which features, among other 
>things, a visit to K3LR. Check it out at:
>While these pieces may highlight what we all consider to be "big gun 
>stations", it's undoubtedly easier for these forms of media to cover 
>stories such as these which are more readable to a general audience. 
>Still, they are both excellent examples of not only great coverage 
>of contesting, but also of those sorts of things we ought to see 
>more of, but do not. Where did all the imagination go?
>With malice towards none,
>Warren, NF1J/6
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