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I sent a message before about this thread, but something went wrong and I 
believe it could not reach the mailing list. In case it was received, my 
apologies for the repetition.

I have seen someone has invoqued the 500m or the property limits rule.

Is my opinion that the intention of this rule is to avoid someone taking 
advantage of having several antennas in different areas so separated that 
said antennas would have different propagation condx. As long as the TX-RX 
station is within property limits or the 500m radius, it doesnt matter if 
the operator is a few inches, or one mile or 2500 km away from the radios. 
Is like having long cables connecting the detachable fronts of the 
equipment. Another thing would be if the operator uses another RX or TX or 
TX-RX station at the remote controlling site, this would qualify that op in 
a brand new category:


and this could be branched in several categories, i.e.: SO2QTH, same city, 
or same call area, same state, same country and same continent, hi, hi.

This can not be equalled to radiolink, where the path is:

TX and RX station - RF link - Internet link - RF link. - TX and RX station

The remote controlled station is:

Internet link - TX and RX station - RF link - TX and RX station, with or 
without an Internet or Telephone line link.

As long as there is only one RF path and the stations locations at both ends 
of this RF path are clearly defined and declared for contest score or DXCC 
purposes I see no problem on it.


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