[CQ-Contest] logic here?

Peter Voelpel df3kv at t-online.de
Sun Mar 4 14:54:22 EST 2007

For us it is much easier to listen for statesite above 3800 then within the
9+ qrm wall from stations near the frequency


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I noticed this as well last night (after commenting on Rick's post).  
I agree that it probably has a lot to do with having always done things this
way in the past. I also noticed that things pretty well stopped at about
3700. I heard several DX stations CQing down low, saying they were listening
above 3800. The general boundary is up at 3800 - perhaps the DX wanted to
catch as many of those folks as possible? Do generals outnumber extras at
this point (especially in DX contests (I would think not))?

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