[CQ-Contest] logic here?

Cooper, Stewart coopers at odl.co.uk
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It's much quieter for me on 3820 than 3670, and I'm more likely to try to listen for US above 3800. Plus, my antenna is cut for 3750, which is OK for transmissions on 3670. So the logic (if the guy wants to work me) is probably OK.

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Hi all...just listening around on 75 m ssb  during the ARRL SSB test and observed the following....US station N2XYZ cqing on a 3820 +- freq and qsx on 3670+- freq...why do this? Why not cq on 3670 and listen on that same freq? We now have the privileges for the freq and they are definitely quiet enough?? Or am I entirely missing something here? de Rick nq4i
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