[CQ-Contest] When is a QSO not a QSO?

Ken Alexander k.alexander at rogers.com
Tue Mar 20 23:59:55 EST 2007

> >> My point is that when I make contact with a
> station,
> >> even in a contest, it's the operator that I am
> working,
> >> not the equipment.

You exchange contest data with the operator, and maybe
get a warm, fuzzy experience if you know the guy, but
none of it happens without the equipment (the station)
and the location of that station makes all the
difference as to when, where and how you're going to
work him.

If you work a ham who was using a voice keyer in an
SSB contest would you remove the QSO from your log
because a piece of equipment sent you the exchange?

73 - Ken

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